Bulgaria: Chicken

Bulgaria was not on the schedule for 2016 initially, but when I was struggling to find a Croatian recipe, and was looking through my mom’s new slow cooker recipe book and found a Bulgarian chicken recipe I decided to do a little swap and cook Bulgarian instead.

I know very little about Bulgaria. And by very little I mean nothing at all, except that it’s in Europe. I guessed by the recipe (and the need for Paprika) that it was possibly in Eastern Europe, and near Hungary (Hungarians love their Paprika). I discovered after a quick Google search that it is in Europe, but more in the Balkan area and is not really near Hungary (although both are bordered by Serbia and Romania). Bulgaria has the Black Sea on it’s east coast, and it’s capital is Sofia. Bulgarian is the official language and Cyrillic their script (more symbols than letters). That’s about all I had time to read up about – history definitely wasn’t (and still is not) my strong point, although I have become increasingly interested in it.

Anyway, the recipe was a great success – I’ll scan a copy of the recipe soon. The chicken was tender, and it had a delicious flavour. Again I was reminded how easy it is to cook food that is not necessarily hot spicy, but can still taste delicious. The one part that I failed on is that we didn’t have any Paprika, so I used Cayenne Pepper, which is fine, but not the same thing!!

Super easy – as most slow cooker recipes are, and delicious. I will definitely be repeating this.



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  1. risabuzatova says:

    Perhaps this will be your entree to more Bulgarian cuisine, though admittedly it is difficult to find English-language recipes. But worth it, definitely worth it.


    1. clairemaher7 says:

      Thanks so much for the comment and the read! Definitely worth it – would love some contribution of English language recipes if you have 🙂

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