Cooking is something that my brother (his name is Tom) and I have grown to love as we’ve got older.  We used to bake a variety of delicious cakes and snacks with our mom but our cooking skills were limited to salty toast or cereal.  Admittedly, even in my adult years I had to Google how to boil a potato properly, and until recently I’ve found cooking quite terrifying (especially when required to cook for people).  I’m generally a ‘follow the recipe’ type while Tom is definitely more of a ‘throw stuff together and it tastes amazing’ type. He’s also got green fingers and so makes use of his own home grown herbs in his dishes.

With this in mind it’s surprising then that I have chosen to participate in a cooking challenge with my brother in 2016. Let me make it clear though that it is not a competition – we are not against each other, but merely participating in a challenge together. This challenge was inspired by a number of factors, namely our passion for cooking, my recent travel experiences and admittedly something I saw a friend of mine posting about on Facebook (Thanks The Traveling Ginger).

Tom and I have, with the help of our parents, chosen 52 countries – one for every week of 2016. We have assigned these countries to a particular week in the year – ensuring we will both be cooking from the same country in that week. The plan is that we will cook a meal, and I’ll compile a blog post with the recipe and some pictures. Depending on the country or the cooking situation we may include a history or little story about the food (I can’t make any promises though).

The challenge is not exclusive and we would be thrilled if others would join us – either for the full challenge or for certain weeks (The schedule can be found here). If and when you do participate, please send us your recipe and pictures, as well as a story. Our schedule works from Friday to Thursday (because 1 January is a Friday), so please try and send through your recipes by the Friday morning following your meal so I can keep posts regular.

Bon Appetit!



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