El Salvador: Pupusas

This was probably my most disappointing cook of the year (and if anybody remembers the Norwegian French Toast you’ll know this is quite a claim!). I made a very, very grave error in judgment and culinary prowess. These pupusas called for masa harina, which I remembered from Mexican week right at the beginning of the year, was a type of corn flour. When I looked then I didn’t really find a suitable substitute for this masa harina (used to make corn tortillas etc). Anyway, when looking through these pupusa recipes one particular recipe said maize flour. Now I don’t know what maize flour means in whatever country they were from, but in SA it’s corn flour. And from the outcome of the ‘dough’ for these pupusas I realise that the two are most certainly not the same. I used the correct amounts in the recipe (found here), but obviously with corn flour. What I was left with was a runny, but also sticky type of dough, that would, I’m sure, make your insides stick together when consumed. I realised this was impossible and something was terribly wrong. I then found another recipe (here) which thankfully called for normal flour and corn flour which I then used to assist me in the rest.

I made some pupusas with feta and mozarella, and others with kidney beans (should be refried beans) and feta. Basically I would likely be shot in El Salvador for decimating one of their traditional recipes in the way I did. The pupusas were quite floury, and although my family gave positive affirmation (bless their souls), few of them asked for seconds which is usually a tell tale sign of success (or in this case, lack thereof). This is of course no insult to the recipe, but to my method of cooking and inappropriate use of ingredients. I’m sure that with the correct masa harina flour they would taste delicious.




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