Hong Kong: Milk Tea

When it comes to food and drinks there are very few things I like more than tea. Maybe chocolate, but even then, if I was told I could only have one or the other for the rest of time I would choose tea. I even like tea more than many people, but that’s a blog for another day, and maybe an unfair comparison, as tea is just so amazing, that it’s obvious I would like it more than people.

I used to think I drank a lot of tea, and then I moved to Joburg, and into my digs with Laura and Mo, and I realised that I had much to learn. Those two taught me how to drink tea like it was water, simply topping up your cup when the one was finished. We drank vanilla chai tea, normal tea, orange tea (that was with Dewet), chamomile and of course, rooibos (all with milk because you just can’t not!). I like my tea quite strong – for the tea bag to be in there for a few minutes, but not so long that its started forming tannins on the side, and borderline tastes like cupboardy red wine. I like it with a fair amount of milk. It must look beige, but not pale (see picture for reference).

It was obvious to me that I should make this Hong Kong milk tea. The food in Hong Kong is relatively similar to that of China (still a super confusing concept for me!), and so I decided to go with a beverage (the first one I’ve made on this blog, but coupled with Wawa’s Irish Coffee). The recipe can be found here, but it is super simple. Ceylon tea bags (two of them because it has to be quite strong), 1 Tbsp sugar (recipe calls for 2 which I think would be insane), and 2 Tbsp of evaporated milk (I used about 6 I think because the tea wasn’t light enough!). Other recipes call for condensed milk which I guess would be similar as the sugar makes it sweet. Oh, I must mention that I never have sugar in my tea. I never have and never will. I don’t mind it if people accidentally make it like that for me, but I prefer it without (weird coming from somebody with sweet teeth (note the plural!)). Anyway, this recipe was such a treat, but also something I can’t get used to – I need to find another use for the remaining evaporated milk as soon as possible. It was delicious and I would definitely recommend it for everybody to try at some stage.



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