Tuvalu: Tuna Curry

Yes, Tuvalu is a country. A tiny little island nation in the Pacific Ocean. It is situated to the north east of Australia. It is comprised of 9 little islands and has an overall population of just over 11 000 people. Queen Elizabeth II serves as the head of state and bears the title of Queen of Tuvalu (I wonder if she ever visits there?). Education is free and compulsory between the ages of 6 and 15 (How can a little place of 11 000 people get this right and we can’t manage that in SA?) and the Cambridge system is offered – ah, Britain! The staple cuisine in Tuvalu involves coconut milk and seafood – which makes sense then that the recipe I chose from Tuvalu is a Tuna Curry (recipe can be found here).

I was at my PMB home when I cooked this dish. Tom has a friend who goes fishing quite regularly and if he catches tuna he sells it at a very reasonable price. We were so fortunate to have some tuna frozen in the freezer, and when I suggested this dish, both my mom and brother were quite excited (My dad, as you know, is not really one for exotic dishes, or eating really!). It was really easy to make. My mom was a bit concerned about how the tuna was only added toward the end, and both her and Tom were concerned about the cucumber element to the dish – Tom strategically avoided it when he dished up). I thought it was very different with the cucumber, but absolutely delicious – I couldn’t fault it at all. Tom had his on pasta, while my mom and I had ours on sweet potato mash. Coconut rice would have been the ideal choice, but I don’t even know where you get such a thing.

I will definitely be making it again, although tuna is quite difficult to come by in the stores nowadays – so will have to wait for Tom’s friend to catch some more another time.


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  1. kaziokzn says:

    Now this was truly delicious and a definite repeat


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