Kenya: Beef Stew and Chapatis

I’m ashamed to say, but I have found Southern and Central African countries the most difficult to cook for, or find recipes for. That’s not to say that there aren’t recipes available, they just don’t always appeal to me. There seems to be a strong trend of quite carb-filled recipes (especially rice and breads), which makes sense I suppose considering breads and maize are a lot easier to come by, and are a lot cheaper (this is not an entirely factual statement, but one of my many assumptions).

I have found myself feeling lazy with some of my books, and looking for easy slow cooker recipes where the work gets done for me. However, with this recipe (found here), I didn’t feel lazy, I felt ecstatic and as if I had struck gold. The recipe required about 5-10 minutes of initial work (mainly chopping the vegetables), and then I dumped them into the slow cooker. Our domestic worker was at our house on this particular day and so I asked her to turn the slow cooker on at 1pm so that by 7pm (the dish requires approximately 6 hours on high), it would be done. And I was not wrong. Walking up the stairs to my flat after approximately 3 hours of cooking, I was met with the most wonderful aroma. I was ‘that’ house – the one where you can smell somebody is cooking something amazing, but can’t work out where it’s coming from. When I finally ate, the meat was tender, vegetables full of flavour, and it was just unbelievable.

I made Chapatis too, which are like naan bread (not typically Kenyan). They were also pretty tasty. I served the stew on some rice, but it was definitely not necessary – I’m noticing more and more how dishes can be served on their own and be equally as delicious, if not more. Will I cook it again? Without a shadow of a doubt.

Oh, Kenyans speak Swahili. In the words of Rafiki from the Lion King, Asante sana Squash Banana!



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  1. kaziokzn says:

    Looks amazing. Something to make here sometime x


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