San Marino: Swallow’s Nests

The first time I ever heard of ‘San Marino’ was when Paula and I were arranging for me to go and look at the flat she lived in. I was moving out of my digs and she had a room available. The place – San Marino. I realise now, nearly 3 years later, that there is another San Marino. A tiny little country in Italy – well, surrounded by Italy. Kind of like Lesotho is surrounded by South Africa.

San Marino is a an Italian country (no surprises there), comprising of approximately 33000 people. It is 61 square kilometres in size, which is slightly smaller than Nelspruit in South Africa (i.e. tiny!). It is the world’s smallest republic. The Sammarinese people have one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

Anyway, so that’s background on the country that our residence is named after. It was fitting that I cooked this meal when I did. My cousin, Warren, was coming for dinner, and he had never visited our flat before. It was therefore appropriate that I cooked him our flat’s national dish – Swallows’ Nests.

The recipe I used can be found here. This dish was one of my most favourite to cook, as I did everything from scratch, and it was pretty easy. I love making doughs, and am always so chuffed with myself when they work out – and this recipe was no exception. I’ve also become quite a pro béchamel sauce maker, and again, no exception this time. The only think I could perhaps fault is that in some parts the dough was a bit thick. But still so delicious. I will definitely be making it again – perhaps when we have more first time visitors to our beautiful country…I mean, flat.



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  1. kaziokzn says:

    Please make it when I visit the flat….after 30th September 😂😂😂


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