Papua New Guinea: Coconut Kau Kau

I found this wonderful recipe on one of my favourite cooking websites – 196 Flavors. When I first started this cooking challenge I stumbled upon them, and actually did a little guest cook for Heritage Day – a delicious Milk Tart. Anyway…I was trying to plan a cook for when I was with my family in PMB over the long weekend. As mentioned previously, my Mom has been banting and is generally quite health conscious, so this was just perfect for the job!

The only part I struggled with is that I scooped out the flesh of the sweet potatoes too close to the skin, so ended up tearing some of the skin. I also likely added too much coconut cream (or didn’t have enough flesh) because it was quite runny. I ended up cooking some of it in the skins I could salvage, and the rest in little ramekins (not pictured). It worked perfectly though, and the food was so delicious. Mom and I added a little bit of cayenne pepper to give it a slight bite. The hardest part of the process was actually trying to find a spot to take the photo without the glare in the iPad. I was pretty unsuccessful actually – as you’ll see from my face in the screen!

This will absolutely be made again – super easy, super healthy, and super delicious!

Oh PNG (Papua New Guinea) is part of Oceania, which I think is part of Australasia, although I’m struggling to find some hearty info on Google. It occupies the eastern half of New Guinea (while the western part is occupied by 2 Indonesian provinces – So what actually is New Guinea?!) PNG has more languages than any other country – with 820 indigenous languages being spoken! It’s also considered to be one of the worst countries for violence and abuse against women. It is one of the most rural and least explored countries, and it is estimated that there are plenty of undiscovered plants and animals in the lesser visited interior of PNG (With the violence and rural nature this isn’t a huge surprise!). And there ends the mandatory (albeit quite interesting this time) history lesson…



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