Netherlands: Speculaas Cookies

I have to admit something at the start of this blog. Well, two things. Firstly, I thought Netherlands and Holland were the same place (although I see from Wikipedia I wasn’t entirely incorrect – Holland is a region in the Netherlands, but is often used as another name for the whole country). The second thing is that I thought Amsterdam was a country too, and not just a city in the Netherlands. Like when I think logically about it I know it’s not true, but my first thoughts are always a bit confusing. So for this cook I knew I was cooking something Dutch, from the Netherlands, but also, at the back of my mind, thought I’d be doing an Amsterdam cook at some stage. Super confusing for me, but probably sounds super dumb to others (i.e. Macker!)

I’m proud of this cook in some ways, but disappointed in others. I think I rushed it. I wanted to make something for our trip away to Kruger, and biscuits are always a win, so I found this recipe, which can be found here. Now Dutch Speculaas Cookies need to be made with a Speculaas mould, which is something that looks like this…


So this is not something that I own, and I didn’t really make an effort to go out and buy one. I should have. I tried to make the cookies using chocolate moulds, but they’re a bit deep and you don’t see the patterns as nicely, so I scrapped that idea. I then resorted to using the only cookie cutter I own – a newly acquired Shamrock! I know presentation is not everything, but I would have liked to present a dish that looked a little more authentic, and this only means I’ll have to try them again.

Regarding taste…they were delicious. My mom has a similar recipe from her Dad, and I promise it’s not bias when I say theirs are still definitely tastier. We have spent hours in the kitchen growing up, making ginger biscuits for holidays, or just for fun.

So will I make them again? Yes, but with a proper mould, and maybe even using my Mom’s recipe instead!



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