Austria: Vanillekipferl

I put off making this dish because it seemed a little bit tedious (well, a lot tedious!). The recipe calls for Vanilla sugar which I couldn’t find anywhere (didn’t really look hard enough) and also just lots of steps and ya, it just seemed difficult. I’m so glad though that I decided to take the plunge, because it actually wasn’t too difficult at all and the little vanilla crescents (that’s what vanillekipferl means) were out of this world. They tasted a little like those Greek biscuits that are covered in icing sugar (Kourabiethes as Google tells me). They were shortbready, but crunchier, but not hard crunchy. And they were just to die for. I think the day I made these was the day my scale started showing higher numbers than I would have liked!).

I took them to school, and some home to my parents, and everybody loved them. I could easily have kept them for myself but that would be selfish, and super ‘piggy’ as my Dad would say. So I had to share. There’s also something which my mom found online, about baking to share with others which has a definite therapeutic aspect to it. This is definitely true of my experience with cooking – when I bake or cook for others especially when it’s tasty or a huge achievement in how the dish turns out, is super rewarding and exciting for me.

The recipe for these little crescents of goodness can be found here. I ended up finding a Vanilla sugar grinder at Pick n Pay. The sugar is not cheap, but worth it, although I didn’t notice too much flavour being added from it – I kind of think just the icing sugar on top will suffice, as there is vanilla in the dough.

I will definitely be making these bad guys again – so delicious, I can’t even explain it. Well, I’ve tried – maybe go and try them for yourself now 🙂



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  1. Wendy says:

    These were absolutely delicious! Will definitely give them a try!


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