Luxembourg: Quetschentaart

As with many of the food that I’ve cooked (Tinginys, Gozinaki, Man’oushe, Bajadera, Kladdkaka – you get the picture), I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce Quetschentaart. I have an idea about how you pronounce it in my head, but any Luxembourgish person would either laugh at me, or perhaps be deeply offended by how I say it (you know how sometimes you say words incorrectly and they sound like swear words? Like sometimes I mean to say damn and an f bomb comes out!)

Anyway, Quetschentaart, from Luxembourg. My dear aunt (who I know is reading this) told me that Luxembourg was the second smallest country in the world. A quick Google search tells me that she is not quite correct (it’s possible she may have been confused with Liechtenstein). Although not the smallest (or even in the top 20 smallest countries), Luxembourg is still quite small  – 2 586 square km vs the 1 221 037 square km of South Africa to give you an indication. My aunt’s nickname is Dory by the way…go figure 😉

Up until this cook I don’t think I had purposefully and deliberately eaten a plum. I can only imagine it would have taken place accidentally and cannot really even recall that. I was excited  to cook this tart because it seemed really simple. I was going for dinner with friends and was asked to bring a dessert and this seemed perfect. The recipe can be found here by the way. The pastry worked really well (in comparison to my pastry disaster over Christmas with the Ricotta Pie). It was still a bit crumbly but I managed to roll it up and then roll it out over the pie dish (beautiful dish from my mom – this post is becoming a bit sentimental I think?). I then placed arranged the plums in a circular manner (not how they are in the picture), but standing upright. I cooked them but it looked a bit ‘blah’ and ended up rather lying them down which provided some beautiful colour. The recipe didn’t call for castor sugar but I added some on top anyway to caramelise ever so slightly.

I served it with ice cream and my friends (and I) absolutely loved it! It was very light but so delicious. The plums go soft, the pastry was delicious, and well, ice cream – who doesn’t love ice cream!

This will definitely be a repeat cook. It was easy to make, delicious and feels kind of healthy – fruit desserts are crazy like that!


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