Iceland: Pancakes (Pönnukökur með þeyttum rjóma

Since living in Joburg Shrove Tuesday has been a tradition among our friends. We make pancakes and bring different fillings to contribute – some savoury, some sweet. Last year on Shrove Tuesday (we actually celebrated on a Monday) I made German Berliners – doughnuts that were just so delicious. I decided to be strictly traditional this year – just cooking pancakes. And boy did I cook them – I made 8 batches of this South African pancake recipe (which needed some more water added as many of the pancakes looked more like naan breads – although I blame my pan for this) and then I made one batch of this Icelandic pancake recipe.

Anyway, because I made so many pancakes I didn’t actually end up cooking the Icelandic batch until the following day. This is a picture from the actual Shrove Tuesday evening – we had fillings of bacon, salami and mushroom, Flambéed Banana and Nutella, Toffee ice cream and mango, bacon and maple syrup (bacon cooked in maple syrup too) and some veggies (recipe here). The fillings were all just so diverse and delicious – everybody left properly fed up! We even ended up making some ice cream sandwiches, with maple bacon. You have never tasted anything like it in your whole life. I’m grateful for the friends who were there in that their contributions were so different and properly thought out. Dinner parties are just so wonderful.


Because I had the Icelandic pancake batter still to cook, I ended up having Shrove Wednesday too (and actually Shrove Tuesday because I have leftovers for lunch!). The Icelandic recipe is different in that it includes vanilla essence and milk, instead of water (although lots of people make their pancake recipes with milk anyway). The first one was a dud (obviously) but the rest came out really well – they were thin and delicious. The idea with the Icelandic pancakes is to fill them with jam and cream, neither of which I had, so I went more traditional with the fillings – cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice in the one; cinnamon, sugar and ice cream in the other (the Woolies Carb Clever Vanilla ice cream is to die for) and then fig preserve and banana in the other. I admittedly ate 2 (read 4) while I was cooking, so only had 1 for dinner (and then another one with ice cream later), so I have the fig and banana and ‘normal’ one for lunch today. They were covered with icing sugar, and then served with a little fig and more ice cream for good measure.

Will I make them again? Absolutely – they were super tasty and easy!





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