Lithuania: Tinginys

In South Africa we have ‘Marie Biscuit Fridge Cake.’ I don’t know if it originated here, but I know that it is a staple at various fetes and school cake sales around the country. The reason for this, I think, is that it’s incredibly easy to make, with only a few ingredients – Maries, sugar (castor I think), butter and cocoa. The fridge tart sets over night and is generally cut into squares. They end up looking a little like this…


I was feeling like I hadn’t cooked in a while, so got down to some researching. I spotted Lithuania on my list, and realised I had never looked up anything about the country before. I didn’t know where it was or anything about the food. Typing ‘Lithuania Food’ into Pinterest gave me such a wonderful array of food, but what caught my eye straight away were ‘Lithuanian Tingyinys (Lazy Cakes). They looked incredible in the picture and I did some investigating to find out what they are…They’re basically an even more delicious version of the Marie Biscuit Fridge Cake. Typically they use malt biscuits of sorts, but a suggestion was made in one of the recipes that in South Africa we could use Tennis Biscuits. Now for those who don’t know, Tennis Biscuits are fantastic. They’ve got a slight coconut taste to them, and they’re perfect for dipping in tea (unless you leave them in for longer than 3.5 seconds and then they sit at the bottom of your mug). The Tinginys recipe I used can be found here. It was incredibly simple to make – 2 packets of Tennis biscuits, broken up, a can of condensed milk (minus whatever you absolutely have to eat on its own), 175g butter and 2 Tbsp cocoa. All of this is mixed together as with the Marie Biscuit Fridge Cake. The fun part though, is that the mixture is then put onto cling wrap and made into a roll, which is later cut into little round slices. Our fridge isn’t long enough to accommodate the roll so you can see I had to make it into a somewhat unfortunate looking shape (A gun – gun’s are unfortunate looking!), which I’m sure my housemate found interesting to spot in the fridge in the morning.


I took the sliced Tinginys to work, and to my family later the following evening as I went home to visit. Everybody absolutely loved them. They were just wonderful to eat – so delicious! The condensed milk really makes it, and the Tennis Biscuits add a wonderful flavour variety to the Marie Biscuits. Will I be making them again? 100% – no questions asked!

Oh, FYI Lithuania is in Europe and it is one of the three Baltic states (along with Estonia and Latvia). It borders Poland, Latvia and Belarus, and has the Baltic Sea on it’s West coast.



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