Russia: Chicken Kiev

I was watching a little preview of one of Trevor Noah’s shows in New York, and he mentioned that he loves accents. He especially loves when certain accents have so much power over us. He goes on to say that Russians, for example, are the most feared people on the planet and even if they say nice things they sound menacing and dangerous – like “fluff it up with some teddy bears” (you’ll probably have to watch it because it doesn’t have the same effect as it does when you hear it, with the accent).

Anyway, Russia. I didn’t initially plan to cook Russia so early on – I didn’t really have a cooking clue (get it) on what to make. It was when I googled ‘chicken dishes from around the world’ and I spotted Chicken Kiev. It’s a tricky one really, because it originates in the Russian Empire, so I’m not wrong with my choice of dish, but the Russian Empire ceased to be a thing in 1917 and now Kiev is in fact the capital of Ukraine, so I’ll have to find something else for the Ukraine cook.

So I was excited when I found that I could cook Chicken Kiev for Russia – I remembered that I had made it a few years prior…When I first moved to my current flat, my dear friend Laura gave me Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food cookbook (I think I actually mentioned this in the Greek cook, but I’ll just share again). The book is fantastic – not for dieters or those conscious of carbs because it really is proper comfort food. It has a wonderful Chicken Kiev recipe, which can be found here and I went with it again.

What I did this time though, which you’ll see from the picture, is that I tried to make a little bit of a low carb version. Instead of the broccoli mash (which is normal mash and broccoli) I made a cauliflower mash with coriander pesto (hence the green colour). It was absolutely fantastic if I do say so myself. You don’t even miss eating spuds when you’re eating something thats so full of flavour. This is actually really easy to make and I usually have most of the ingredients (even bacon, because my Uncle Steve bought me enough to feed a small army), so it’s definitely on the ‘regular cook’ list.

While I write this I realise that I very rarely cook the same meal anymore – this challenge has forced me (in a good way) to try new ingredients and recipes, and I love that I don’t get stuck on the same curries or pasta dishes, and am always looking for something new to try. Go me!




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