Afghanistan: Lavand-e-Murgh

Like with Syria I don’t really know a lot about Afghanistan, and the stuff that I do know is usually, unfortunately, associated with negative news and stories. A very small part of Afghanistan’s border is shared with China, which I think is incredible, mainly because I just didn’t know that. I imagine them to be quite far away from one another on the map, which I see now is not true. Something that’s pretty cool is that the Afghanistan team played in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. I don’t recall them doing very well, but they played nonetheless which is a pretty awesome achievement. Afghanistan has similar cuisine to it’s surrounding countries – middle eastern influences as well as curries and rice dishes.

I’ve recently read ‘I am Pilgrim’ by Terry Hayes (A MUST read for everybody – although, maybe not children). Part of the story is set in the mountainside of Afghanistan. I know it’s just a story, although it’s given me some insight into how rife war and crime are in that part of the world (I won’t give the story away though, go and read it for yourself). A series of civil wars started in Afghanistan during the 1970s and have caused major devastation in the country. These wars continue to this day, although the US war in Afghanistan officially ended in 2014.

Anyway, on to the food. The recipe for the dish I cooked can be found here. The dish was really easy to make, and I had most of the ingredients at home. The only fault I could potentially find is that I perhaps could have marinaded the chicken for longer. It was slightly bland. This also could have been helped with more salt though – so maybe i’ll try that first next time. It’s basically a curry, in yoghurt, and you know how I feel about curries…delicious!



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