Georgia: Gozinaki

The only Georgia I’m vaguely familiar with is the state in the USA. I have ‘Georgia Tech’ in mind, and am not sure if maybe it’s been referenced in a movie. Anyway, I digress, because that is in fact not the same Georgia that I cooked this week. Georgia is a country which borders Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan (also a country!). I don’t know much about it, and to read about the political history is just too much for my brain. It does have some beautiful mountainous areas though, and it borders the black sea. It is home to 5601 different animal species, including this Caucasian Shepherd Dog… isn’t it just beautiful?


Anyway, I’m digressing again. I found this recipe, and had the ingredients in my cupboard because of the Muhammara cook (which needed walnuts). I was also going out to Laura’s for dinner and decided to supply 2 desserts – the Croatian Bajadera Nougats and then these as a sugar free alternative (sugar free because I replaced the icing sugar with ground xylitol). When I say maths is difficult for me, I really mean it. I had to work out how to quarter the recipe, but also how to convert measurements for icing sugar, to granulated sugar and then back to xylitol. Too much I tell you.

I was slightly disappointed to be honest. The ‘brittle’ didn’t keep it’s form as I had hoped and was quite sticky (I don’t think this is related to the xylitol instead of icing sugar but I could be wrong). It stuck to the oiled board, and was very sticky. It was tasty, although left me with a sore feeling at the roof of my mouth (I don’t know if this was just me as I think my friends are too polite to give any negative feedback!).

I don’t know if I’ll try it again. It seemed like a fair amount of work in comparison to the outcome. This may of course also be an unfair assessment as I made and tasted them alongside the Bajadera Nougats, which as I described, were the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Sorry Georgia (the country, not the state), I’ll have to try another recipe another time!



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