Romania: Ardei Umpluţi

I’m a sucker for bargains and buying in bulk. Makro is one of my most favourite places in the world because the thought of being able to buy a box of 72 chewing gum packets excites me incredibly. Admittedly though, especially for sweets, I have no will power, and buying chocolates or sweets in bulk is a one way ticket to type 2 diabetes and bigger pants.

Groceries are no exception to the rule. 2x 1 litre yoghurts for R50 from Woolies, even though they expire within 2 weeks? Why yes, I’ll always find some need for all that yoghurt. Almond butter in 1 kg form instead of a measly 400g? Without a doubt! A mixed packet of 10 red and green peppers? Well, why the hell not…

Cut to over a week later. Pepper count: 9 left in the packet. Panic sets in. Must make something with peppers. But what? Search “What to do with excess peppers” and hope for the best. Red peppers? Muhammara (find the blog here). Green peppers? Pretty much nothing (except freeze them, which doesn’t help my plight!). I had stuffed peppers in mind, which obviously works well, but wanted to incorporate it into one of my country dishes…and somehow I found Romanian Stuffed Peppers. Ok, they’re meant to be red or orange, but I had used all the red for the Muhammara, and I felt they would be sufficient. Which they were. The only thing I can fault is that the sauce wasn’t as red or thick as I would have liked – I think I added too much water to the pot. But they were delicious and filling, and the following day when I dished up my leftovers at work, I felt like George or Matt (Masterchef reference) plating up a winning dish. Apart from a bit of rice they’re low carb which is always great for dinners, but filled with goodness. The sour cream added a wonderful flavour.

A definite repeat cook (although likely only when I have an excess of peppers again – I never learn my lesson so it won’t be long!)



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