Barbados: Salt Bread

Throughout 2016 I felt that one of the greatest things I learnt was working with dough. I made pizza dough, pasta dough, shortcrust, dough for cardamom rolls, dough for pitas, dough for challah, dough for Swiss bread, dough for empanadas, dough for doughnuts (Berliners) and dough for samosas. They methods are similar, the outcomes very different. And this dough for the Bajan Salt Bread was no exception. (Bajan is the word used to refer to something from Barbados).

We had a family friend over for a Weber chicken, and I decided to make rolls to accompany the chicken (instead of having to buy them). I found the perfect recipe and apart from a bit more yeast which my Dad had to buy (he would do anything for rolls, and for me), I had all the ingredients at home which always makes things easier. The recipe I used is from a lady called Krystle who has a series of videos called ‘WatchMeCook‘. The video is such a treat – a real island feel with the music in the background! Krystle made it look super easy during the video, and I felt confident while making the dough that the bread was going to be delicious. The video for this recipe can be found here. There is also a link to the actual written recipe which can be found here.

What isn’t mentioned is how long the rolls need to cook for, but another website I found said approximately 15 minutes. I set my timer for 15 minutes and when I removed the rolls a delicious smell filled our kitchen, and a smile filled my Dad’s heart (and mine). They were slightly denser than I imagined, but I also realised that they’re fresh. They resembled pao from Mozambique in their taste and texture. They were incredible! However, later that evening they were already starting to harden up in the bread bin, again suggesting how amazing it is to cook with fresh ingredients, but also perhaps opening up some questions regarding the preservatives that are in the bread rolls we buy which can last up to a week sometimes.

These rolls are a definite winner of a way to start 2017, and will be made again without a doubt.


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