Belgium: Waffles

I would have written Belgian Waffles but then it feels like the country name and then title of the dish is quite repetitive. But you get the picture. Waffles from Belgium…Belgian Waffles. In all my 29 years and a few months of living on this earth I have never made waffles. I’ve eaten them (out at restaurants or markets, but I’ve never actually made them myself. And I feel like I have a new lease on life now. They are quite possible one of the easiest treats to make – especially if you have a good recipe and a good, non-stick waffle iron like the one a friend leant to me.

You basically make the mixture, and then add some to the middle of the waffle iron, close the lid (which spreads out the mixture) and then you leave it for like 3 minutes (or check it in amazement every 15 seconds like I did) and then you take it out and coat it with whatever delicious delicacies you can think of. I just had some icing sugar, cocoa and honey which was super tasty. I was going to buy Nutella but knew that if I bought a bottle I would use the whole thing (either on the waffles or just simply by eating it with a teaspoon afterwards…not healthy!).

I would definitely need to play around with amount of mixture per waffle though, because the first one was slightly too little, the second one was ok-ish and then the third one was basically the remainder of the mixture and it totally flowed over the edge in a bit of a gooey mess. Bit of a Goldilocks trial and error required me thinks. They turned out great though. If you Google ‘Belgian waffles’ you generally find more square looking ones, but I reckon if the mixture is the same then it will likely taste the same!

Anyway, they were delicious, I would definitely make them again, and now I just need to buy a waffle iron to add to the menagerie of appliances I have in my home. Oh, the recipe for the waffles is found here (I halved it for this cook).


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