Philippines: Chicken Adobo

The Philippines is one of those destinations that feels very glamorous in my mind. I think white beaches and just pure relaxation. I know of course that there is much more to it politically and climatically – with the country experiencing typhoons quite regularly! What I found interesting is that approximately 80% of the population are Catholic, which differs quite significantly from other countries in Asia, where Christianity makes up the minority.

Friends of mine have travelled to the Philippines and they loved it. There are so many beautiful sights to sea, and such stunning beaches. It seems like it’s pretty cheap too, with one beer costing the equivalent of about R13 (less than 1 $ or pound – my computer doesn’t have the pound symbol!). So perhaps it should be on my list…outside of typhoon season of course.

Anyway, I decided to cook Chicken Adobo.  The recipe I used can be found here. The dish was very simple to make. As per recommendations in the recipe I used chicken breasts instead of thighs or drummies (not only are breasts healthier but I can’t be asked to eat chicken thighs or drumsticks with a knife and fork. Thank you very much). The one part that I didn’t like is that the soya sauce I used was super salty! I’m not sure if it was just the type I have, but it was really salty. Other than that it was delicious. The chicken cooked nicely and the flavours were lovely. I quite like the idea of straining the sauce so that you can cook the big pieces of onion, but don’t have to eat them!

Paula enjoyed it, and I was complimented by her, and my family who I sent a picture to, about my plating. The actual words used were ‘Masterchef Style,’ so I’ll take it! Would I cook it again? Yes, but with different soya sauce!



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  1. Andy Mac says:

    The rice is classic Philippine style!!! Nicely done. They also big into their pork.


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