Myanmar: Lemongrass Ginger Sliders

Many, many years ago my mom had a beautiful little Burmese girl in her class – Haiti. I remember her family being so lovely, and so humble. This is the sum total of the connection I’ve had with Burma, well, Myanmar. It’s a bit confusing and I don’t understand all the history around it, but it appears that the names are used interchangeably in many places, including within Myanmar itself. In 1989 the ruling Military party in Burma changed the name to Myanmar. This came about 1 year after what is known as the 8888 Uprising, where there was “unrest over economic mismanagement and political oppression by the government” (thank you Wikipedia) which led to thousands of people being killed in pro-democracy marches. The name was changed by the ruling party, and because many people didn’t agree with the ruling party at the time, they did not agree with the name change – hence many people using one name or the other (which within the country itself could possibly suggest support of one party or the other?).

Anyway, I know for a long time tourism to Burma/Myanmar was stunted due to sanctions placed on Myanmar from the USA. Tourism has now increased after the lifting of these sanctions, although it’s still a country with lots of political unrest (like many countries including our own I guess). It’s a beautiful place for tourists though and it’s definitely on my list (gosh this list seems to grow as this blog progresses). My friends Faye and Simon visited there recently and said it was incredible, although Faye wasn’t very helpful on the food front and I needed to turn to Pinterest to find out more.

I settled on a ‘Lemongrass and Ginger Sliders’ recipe – basically little burger patties. They would be ideal served on little rolls actually, or can be kept as balls and made into meatballs. They were really delicious, and interesting to make, as they include cooked rice in the mixture (perhaps as a binding agent) although didn’t stick together as well as I had hoped. I don’t know if I needed to use a bit more force when combining them? I had some leftover mince which I cooked up and ate with some of the leftover Chicken Katsu Sauce (Japan), which was super tasty! I would definitely make them again, although need to figure out what went wrong with the binding.



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