Chile: Ensalada Chilena

I was recently in Cape Town for my cousin’s wedding. I stayed with Gen and for dinner on the one evening she made a delicious little salad. It was exactly my type of salad in that it did not contain lettuce – I know, who doesn’t like lettuce, but I really don’t! This little salad consisted of baby tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil, lemon juice, chilli flakes, spring onion and coriander. And obviously salt and pepper. We ate it on Provitas and it was absolutely amazing.

Anyway, that’s a bit of background. So because I had some cooks to catch up, I decided to combine this cook with the England cook. I therefore needed something to accompany the Shepherds Pie. When I googled ‘Chilean Salad’ this is what came up. It’s a pretty famous salad apparently. I will certainly cook something more substantial at some stage – perhaps a dessert with dulce de leche, but for now this was sufficient.

The reason why I included the background story is that this salad is pretty similar to Gen’s salad. Except it uses red onion instead of spring onion, and doesn’t have tomato or chilli flakes…although you would think being from Chile that some chilli would be included (insert lame laughter from even lamer Dad joke). I at least knew that I would like the salad based on my previous experience of the one Gen made, so I went for it.

It was quite a nice accompaniment to the Shepherds Pie (see blog here). It was light but tasty, and I even have some for lunch today!



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