Canada: Sweet Potato Poutine

Canada eh? The land where people say sorry too much, say ‘aboot’ instead of ‘about,’ where the street gangs are actually just bears, where hockey (which means ice hockey, but you don’t have to say the ice part) is like a religion, and obviously where Robin Sparkles is from!


Like many places that I’ve cooked from, I’ve never travelled to Canada. I have family who live there, and made some friends while traveling that live there. Through one of the friends that I made on the Camino, I actually began supporting Hockey – Go Toronto Maple Leafs!! (Sorry Aunty Kathy and Erin!).


I had heard a lot about poutine from my Canadian friends, but found the concept rather unhealthy (delicious, but unhealthy!). But when deciding what to cook, it seemed like something I should undertake, but in a healthier manner – so I used sweet potato chips. As mentioned in the Mozambique blog, these sweet potato chips are like little gifts from Heaven (or Woolies – sometimes the same thing!). So I used these sweet potato chips, cooked them in the oven for a while (can’t really remember how long, but enough to make them soft). I then broke off pieces of mozarella and scattered them over the chips. The recipes generally call for cheese curds which are typically cheddar cheese, but I didn’t have the time to make the curds, and couldn’t find them anywhere. I found online that mozarella is probably the closest alternative, so I went with that. I then made a gravy. Yes, I made a gravy from scratch. I used this recipe. I only made about a quarter of the recipe though as I wasn’t making very many chips. I was well impressed with my gravy. I must be honest. Super chuffed. Basically I’m now a roux expert!

I had wonderful reports, and even seconds were had. I was told I needed to make them again – which I will!

My next Canadian cook plan though is to make Nanaimo Bars – you know me and dessert!!



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