Mozambique: Peri Peri Marinade

After a long time I’m able, once again, to write about food I cooked from a country that I’ve actually visited. I’ve been to Mozambique a few times, with different groups of friends and family. I have loved every minute of every time that I’ve been there. I love the little barracas (bars), the untouched sand, the seafood, the beer and the Tipo Tinto R&R’s at Fernandos.

Up until 1975 Mozambique was a Portuguese colony. Some years prior to 1975 a ‘War of Independence’ took place and many people living in Mozambique were forced to leave, or left out of fear – many moving to South Africa. The Mozambican Civil War took place from 1977 to 1992.  They became a democracy in 1993, at a similar time to us in South Africa. I don’t know much more about the history, but I do know of people (friends, and friends of friends) who had to leave everything they owned in Mozambique during these times of trial. The country has a lot of history that one doesn’t always think about when we visit, as it has become such a beautiful tourist destination.

So I mentioned the seafood, and my goodness is it absolutely delicious. Prawns, Calamari, Crab, Crayfish etc are par for the course when visiting, and it’s almost rude not to eat fish when you’re in Mozambique.

It was perfectly timed that while I was due to cook Mozambican food, Darryn suggested we have a seafood braai at their place. So we did, and you’ll see from the picture what a success it was. I decided to make a peri peri marinade for the prawns that we were braaiing. The recipe I used can be found here.

We outdid ourselves with peri peri prawns, angelfish, beef espetadas, salmon skewers for starters (not shown here), and of course Woolies’ sweet potato chips (only the best Woolies product introduced in 2016). It was a fantastic night, although I think the seafood may have been off because we had serious headaches the following day 😉




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