China: Stir Fry Broccoli Chicken

China. The fourth largest country in the world (by land size), but the country with the highest population in the world (1,367,485,388 at the last count). Home to the largest man made structure on Earth (The Great Wall of China, in case you’re not sure, measures over 21 000km in length – that’s 1000 half marathons!). Half of the world’s pigs live in China, and they have Pandas. Last, but certainly not least, China (Shanghai to be precise) is currently home for one of my amazing friends and her husband (Faye and Simon).

The recipe for this week can be found here. I wasn’t super excited about this food, and so writing this blog hasn’t been the easiest.  This is  not because the dish didn’t taste incredible but because I had hoped to do something more with the week – something a bit more exciting or challenging. Faye recently bought me an awesome ‘research report’ on the best Dim Sum in the Shanghai area and I was hoping to try them out but I ran out of time. I really do intend to make them again when I have a bit more time, so seriously watch this space. The dough seems pretty easy to make so it’s definitely on the list!

Anyway, about this dish. This Stir Fry Broccoli Chicken dish was SUPER easy to make. Again I emphasise how lovely it is to cook food that isn’t necessarily hot spicy, but well flavoured, in order to make it tasty. The ingredients here are simple but they work so well together. The recipe didn’t call for rice but I decided to serve it on rice (although actually not necessary in hindsight!)

This is definitely recommended for a different, tasty, and easy dish. Enjoy my Chinas!



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