Sweden: Kladdkaka

I’m not really a fan of chocolate cake. It has to be practically perfect in every way (like Mary Poppins), and so often I am disappointed with dry sponge, grainy icing, or even worse, icing that’s made from icing sugar instead of some incredible ganache or the like. So I don’t choose to eat it often…unless I know that it’s going to be amazing (which I realise one can’t tell from the offset really!). When we were at school though we got a pretty delicious chocolate cake on a certain day of the week at tea time (not Thursday though – that was always egg sandwiches day!)

Anyway, I digress. Something that I am a fan of is brownies. I think I’ve mentioned Margie from Aubergine’s brownies before – they’re out of this world. Second to those, however, are my own. I’m not too proud to say that they are incredible. I have never received bad feedback and have in fact been asked by people to make them for them. They’re from a beginner’s cookbook recipe that my mom bought me when I moved to Joburg, and I use it every time. This week (today in fact) is my birthday, so in order to kill 2 birds with one stone I set out to find a recipe that could also serve as birthday treats for work (instead of also making brownies/cake/cupcakes etc – I’m pretty (read: very) useless at making cupcakes though so that wasn’t really an option at all!).

While looking for Swedish desserts (I always have to remind myself how to spell desserts vs deserts), I came across Kladdkaka. Wikipedia describes Kladdkaka as a dense, sticky chocolate cake, similar to a brownie, chewy on top, with a ‘gooey’ centre. I was sold! I was even more sold when I realised I had ALL of the ingredients at home – bonus! It was unbelievably easy to make. It consists of 6 ingredients, no beating and about 25 minutes of baking. I seem to share the sentiment with the author of the recipe I used (my blog feels in many ways like a replica of her explanations about the Kladdkaka!). The only fail I can report on (which is entirely my own fault) is that I waived the idea of lining the pan with baking paper, and it was more difficult than anticipated to remove it from the base of the springform. Although pretty manageable in the long run – not much wastage! Oh, the other fail was regarding the pic – I forgot to bring the Swedish flag along to include in the picture! It does however include one of the delicious cupcakes my dear friend Laura bought for me for my birthday dinner last night!

So, I brought the cake to work and received rave reviews (amidst the quiet singing of Happy Birthday). My one colleague asked if she and our other colleague could drop their kids off next time I bake so the kids could lick the spoons and bowls. Another one of my colleagues said “Claire, you can bake” which I was obviously quite chuffed with. AAs much as I know they were delicious it’s not easy to take compliments so overtly. It was so enjoyed by the staff that I actually can’t find the remaining pieces (there were about 4 when I left it in the kitchen!). few of my colleagues have been observing my healthier eating the last few weeks and thought perhaps the cake was Banting friendly (big ALAS!). The compliments definitely help, but I know even for myself that I would 100% make this again. It’s incredibly easy and absolutely delicious. It has all the elements of a brownie, in a Kladdkaka form!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me!



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