Finland: Cardamom Rolls

I decided to combine the Israel and Finland evening purely because the Finland cook is due to be this week and the recipe I had decided on for Finland was for these Cardamom rolls. And I was keen to rather cook them to share than cook them and eat them all to myself (very possible based on what we know about my sweet tooth and love for pastries).

When browsing the selection of recipes for Finland I noticed that food is interchangeable across the Scandinavian countries – they don’t have very many specific dishes just from a country, but broadly over Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Another thing I noticed is that Cardamom seems to be quite a popular addition to many foods, especially baked goods, and is reportedly ‘Scandinavia’s favourite spice.’ Up until this cooking challenge I hadn’t really encountered Cardamom, but bought myself a bottle of pods (which are useful, but also exceptionally painful to open and deseed when you need a spoon of Cardamom!) Apparently storing them in their pods keeps the flavour though – so I guess that’s useful!

Anyway, Finnish Cardamom Rolls is the dessert that I cooked for the Cheese and Wine Israeli evening (link here). I had prepared the dough a while before (as one does), but during the course of the evening became a bit overwhelmed with the cooking and mess that I temporarily contemplated not making them. But then my gees kicked in (from the wine) and I realised it was pretty easy to complete. I rolled out the dough, as can be seen in the picture, and then spread butter over the dough. I then mixed sugar and cinnamon and poured that over (could have been more generous in hindsight). I then rolled up the dough and cut the pieces into a V shape. I realised afterwards that I could have made the dough much tighter, as some of them opened up while baking. I then sprinkled some sugar on top and baked them. They were absolutely incredible. I was so chuffed with myself – once again, one of those items that has made me so happy that I’m able to make, and I’ll certainly make them again in the future!


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