Malaysia: Chicken Curry

As with Singapore and Indonesia I found it quite difficult to find a dish that was distinctly and definitively Malaysian. These places are influenced by the same areas and share ties with each other – making many of the dishes interchangeable.

This Malaysian Chicken Curry recipe is very similar to the Indonesian recipe (almost identical in fact), but somehow still had a different feel and taste to it when I cooked it. It seemed to be a bit more flavourful than before, and the Malaysian recipe did not call for Cashew nuts as the Indonesian one did. It also called for Soya sauce and green beans (although I excluded these).

Like I’ve said so many times before, I’m really loving finding new and interesting, as well as easy to make, recipes. It feels like for so long I was locked in one kitchen pantry and now I’ve had my hypothetical ‘coming out of the kitchen closet’ with regard to cooking and I see the world in different, flag related colours. There are so many more options for cooking and it’s not even that difficult to find new recipes if we just take the time to look and explore a little (Gosh this is philosophical for a Monday – just now I’ll move on to how this is actually an analogy for life).

Anyway, this recipe is a MUST.



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