Jamaica: Chicken Curry

“Some people say they know, they can’t believe…Jamaica we have a bobsled team”

I was 6 when Cool Runnings was released. I don’t think I watched then, because I remember watching with Tom who would have only been 3 at the time…but it probably wasn’t too long after that. Along with The Big Green (Google it if you never watched), it was one of the most exciting movies! Everybody likes the underdog; the team or group that comes out of nowhere, and with pure dedication, spirit and talent (which takes a while to show itself), they prove the critics wrong. The Big Green wasn’t a true story, but Cool Runnings is, which makes it even more exciting. I realise now I’ve spoken about Cool Runnings as if everybody must have seen it…which they should have. But if you haven’t, shame on you!

Anyway, that’s just a little story about a bit of a connection to Jamaica. I unfortunately have never been there, but I do have an affinity for reggae music, and I’ve met a couple of legit Rastafarians in my lifetime. I also think that Kingston Town (one of my most favourite songs in the world, by UB40) is referring to Kingston in Jamaica. I could be wrong though (I can’t find anything on the internet to prove or disprove my theory!).

So…the recipe. I chose a chicken curry (surprise surprise). I liked the look of it because it was quite simple, and seemed to be a more ‘normal’ curry  in the sense that it didn’t not require any complicated processes and it used curry powder, and no coconut milk or the like. It was incredibly simple to make. I didn’t have any difficulties with the recipe. I just substituted dried thyme for fresh (much to Tom’s dismay my herb garden is suffering), and I used crushed garlic instead of garlic powder.

It was incredibly spicy. Like ‘have water or even milk on standby’ spicy. But so, so delicious. The flavours were amazing and the chicken was cooked perfectly. Literally the only thing I would do differently is add less curry powder next time. Although somebody who prefers more spicy food would absolutely love it. I’m really chuffed. Every time I cook I get so excited that these meals work out, but also that I am increasing and improving my cooking scope and finding recipes that were right under my nose the whole time. I’ve discovered how easy it is to cook new meals, instead of always relying on the good ol faithfuls…



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