Indonesia: Chicken Curry

For the first time in this cooking challenge I swapped a country. I had a very good reason for it though. I’m heading home to PMB tomorrow and will therefore be cooking while I’m home. Most of my family do like curry, but this Indonesian curry is not one that my Dad would enjoy. Also, last time I was home I cooked Chicken Satay for Singapore, and many of the Indonesian recipes were quite similar, and I didn’t want to replicate. This was part of my motivation for swapping out. The main reason though, is that my good friends Mike and Tania were coming for dinner. Mike is Portuguese, and while I did initially think it would be cool to cook for somebody who can be blatantly honest about the meal, I couldn’t deal with the pressure and uncertainty about whether my meal was really enjoyed. Sure, by cooking Indonesian I still can’t be sure, but it’s definitely less stressful. So I swapped out Portugese (which I’ll cook for my family next week), and instead cooking an Indonesian Chicken Curry.

Tania and Mike knew they were coming for a ‘Cook the World’ meal, but didn’t know I had swapped, and arrived fully kitted in their Portuguese supporters gear (Beanies and scarves included). Portugal was also playing Wales later in the evening in the UEFA Semi-Final, so I’m sure they weren’t purely kitted out for my meal… I don’t think? Mike threw his beanie on the floor when I sheepishly told them we weren’t having Portugese food, but they were both still very excited for what was a really incredible aroma coming from the kitchen (if I do say so myself!).

The recipe for the Indonesian Chicken Curry can be found here. I must say, I’m really enjoying these curry recipes where I make up the paste  myself. It feels pretty hardcore knowing that the aroma you’ve created in the kitchen is from a perfect combination of ingredients that you’ve mixed together (with the help of a recipe) instead of just out of a jar. The smell was pretty epic. I did struggle initially to blend the paste, so it wasn’t entirely smooth when I used it, but actually perfect for the curry.

I failed to take pictures throughout – that part of the challenge has become quite exhausting, especially for longer recipes with more aspects to them. So I apologise for this although there wasn’t too much to see!). One of my best things about making curry though, is using Turmeric. I just love the colour – just makes food look a lot more exciting (so that would have been cool to see in pictures, but, eh!). I do have pictures of the final product though, and my proud supporters (of Portugal, but also of my food!)

Lastly, some ‘Fun with Flags’ – the Indonesian flag is the Polish flag upside down. Or the Polish flag is the Indonesian flag upside down (I’m not sure who chose first). I’ve also observed that it’s similar in colouring to the Singapore flag, except it doesn’t have any symbols – just plain colouring. My limited Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers (seriously, do people still use this forum?) research on the matter suggests this is purely coincidental.




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