Norway: Arme Riddere

Arme Riddere, translated from Norwegian to English means ‘French Toast.’ So basically for this week I made Norwegian French Toast. I understand how Irish that all sounds (let me see how many nationalities I can include in today’s blog), but it seems like it’s a real thing. The recipe, found here, is supplied by Whitney, an American (there’s another) living in Norway.

The recipe called for some challah (Jewish bread, originating in Israel – there’s another nationality) or brioche. Paula went shopping for me, and couldn’t find either, so she bought a French loaf. I was initially worried that it wouldn’t be soft enough, so I cut the crusts off the bread. I struggled though, because I think the bread absorbed too much of the mixture, making it a bit soggy. And then I was using a pan that is basically from the depths of hell, and the toast burnt (you can see from the picture that the one piece looks like a hamburger). I then swapped to the electric frying pan (I’m slowly figuring out what it’s useful for, and where it sucks) and this worked much better. I also left the crusts on a few slices which looked much better, and weren’t as stodgy.

The flavour was delicious though. I liked the added vanilla and cinnamon in the mixture. Paula and I cooked up some bacon too, and served it with Maple syrup (ooh, Canadian) which is always a winner. I would definitely make it again (although the 4 letter words I used while cooking it would suggest otherwise), but I would probably just use good ol normal white Albany bread instead.



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  1. culv89 says:

    That looks so yummy!


    1. clairemaher7 says:

      Thank you 🙂 appreciate the comment. Please feel free to submit any of your own recipes 🙂


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