Singapore: Chicken Satay and Peanut Sauce

I admit that this meal may not be unique to Singapore. In fact it’s definitely not unique to Singapore, and probably not originally from there, but I struggled to find something I felt like cooking, and this did keep showing up when I searched ‘Singaporean food’ so I decided to go with it. Peanut butter is one of my great loves, and while the greater jury is still out about whether it should be used in cooking, I’m all for it. I improvised a fair amount during this cook which I was quite chuffed about – I’m usually a bit nervous to do that.

There are two parts to the meal you’ll see below – the Satay Chicken and then a Peanut Satay sauce. I was at my home in Pietermaritzburg and my family only had smooth peanut butter (ludacris I know), but luckily had peanuts (thanks Dad), so I ground up some peanuts and combined with them with the smooth peanut butter. I also added quite a bit more than required in the sauce, and I added some to the chicken marinade even though it didn’t call for it.

Both aspects of the dish were delicious. I would have liked the sauce to have been a bit thicker, but it was still lovely – although quite rich. The marinade flavour on the chicken was really tasty too. The meal was accompanied by a delicious brownie courtesy of Margie Harel at the Fat Aubergine (I’ve discussed these brownies before and they’re really not to be missed).





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