Sri Lanka: Curry Part 2

Once again Tom and I were cooking similar dishes for this week. Well, this is what we initially thought, but when we looked at the recipes they were quite different in terms of spices. They both had tomato and coconut milk/cream though.

Tom’s Sri Lankan curry recipe can be found here.

While My mom and dad were with me in Kruger, Tom had a little dinner party with friends and cooked for them. He sent us a message after he cooked saying “Rave Sri Lankan reviews from Kirst, Steph, Ally and Bridge” (and he included a little Whatsapp thumbs up). He served roti with his curry, as well as rice.

My mom was chuffed because he said he would freeze some so that she could taste it when she was home, which meant she would be able to taste both. She’s not competitive, but I reiterated that this was not a competition and that she was in no way allowed to say which one was best. When she called me she explained that they were very different. Both delicious I think, but very different, which is pretty cool!

Tom Sri Lanka collageTom Sri Lanka final


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