Scotland: Haddock Kedgeree

The Scotland dishes were a bit of a family affair – Tom, Kirst and my mom were all at my place in Joburg on the night we cooked. Many hands made light work with the Kedgeree.

This is what Tom had to say about his experience: “I found myself in unfamiliar surroundings in another kitchen. I however did an old favourite of mine and my mother’s – Haddock Kedgeree. The dish had quite a few elements to it, but managed to get to the end without too many hiccups”

The following ingredients are used:

750g haddock fillets
1 cup rice
2cup peas
8 eggs
.5 cup milk
1 cup water
2Tsp butter


I’m not sure of the process to be honest, but I’m sure this can be found on Google somewhere!

The Kedgeree was delicious – feels like a really hearty meal with all the good stuff in it. I even managed to freeze some to eat another night!

Kedgeree collage


kedgeree final


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