Morocco: Hummus

Ok so I understand that Hummus is not originally Moroccan, but this recipe was titled Moroccan Hummus and I decided to run with it – I’m not too phased about that at this stage (just in case anybody had anything to say about the matter!).

I love hummus. I’m a little obsessed with it actually, as is my friend Pete Smith. I’m of the opinion that hummus can go with just about everything – bread, biscuits, carrot or cucumber sticks, and even meat (I’m thinking like chicken or beef in a pita bread, with hummus).

I’ve wanted to make my own hummus for a while, but have never got around to it. I know a typical recipe uses tahini and olive oil (among other ingredients). The Morroccan humus recipe I used didn’t call for tahini, but instead rice malt syrup. I wasn’t prepared to buy this so used some maple syrup instead – Google explained that an easy 3/4 portion of maple syrup would suffice. Oh, the recipe can be found here.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t wild about it. It didn’t taste how I hoped – I could taste too much chickpea. I don’t know if it was meant to taste like it did, and I’m just used to the typical hummus flavour, or if I didn’t mix everything and blend everything properly. It also felt a bit stodgy, like it needed more oil. As much as I LOVE turmeric, the colour actually put me off too. All in all I wasn’t super proud of it. Like I took it to a dinner party, but kind of hoped that people wouldn’t know whose it was! My friend Darryn took the other bowl home though so it couldn’t have been too terrible, and some people did comment about it. I do have these images though that they probably scooped it into their serviette or handbag Mr Bean style and tried to get rid of it later!

I’ll probably attempt a ‘normal’ hummus recipe again sometime – just to find out whether it was the taste or my skills. If all else fails I’ll just stick to store bought deliciousness.



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