India: Butter Chicken

As I mentioned in my post, I love curry. And this probably stemmed from my Dad’s love of curry. My mom makes a proper Durban curry which is the only one my Dad will eat. It obviously excludes visible onion and even potato but it still tastes pretty good. Anyway, I think Tom and I both developed a love of curry and spicy food from this curry, and my Dad’s love of spices. My mom used to make a dish called Unbelievable Chicken (this was the name of the cook in sauce, not her name) which we both just loved too.

Tom is more of a potjie man in terms of cooking though (I’m sure we can wait and see what South Africa week will bring), and I’m usually the curry cooker. I was therefore suitably impressed when he told me he would be making Butter Chicken for India week.

When I asked him for a story he said “Not much story really. Haha. Everyone loved it” (He’s a man of few words my brother).

His recipe comes from a book this time, and not a website. The book is called Traditional Indian Cooking in South Africa, by Ramola Parbhoo.


By the look of the pictures it seems that the curry was served on roti’s which I think is a great idea. Tom is also pretty good with pairing beers or other drinks with his meal, so obviously this week called for an ice cold Cobra. From the one picture you can see that my Dad even participated from his desk at work (in the evening of course!)



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