Poland: Pierogi

There unfortunately (or maybe fortunately if you don’t like reading) isn’t much of a write up for this recipe. In Tom’s words he “didn’t sign up for this” (meaning the write up part). Fair enough I suppose – it’s the cooking that counts, and in this case the proof was definitely in the eating!

Our Canadian family had told us that they get frozen Pierogi in Canada which you can buy in a store and then cook up (like sausage rolls I suppose). They were very excited that Tom was making them from scratch, and impressed that even the dough was homemade.

Here is Tom’s recipe, which he got from here with the help of Pinterest.

Poland Tom-page-001

The only thing that was different to the above is that we didn’t have sour cream. Tom claims he asked me to buy it for him, but there is a debate in our family around the definition of asking. For example he thinks that “I should have asked you to buy sour cream” is him asking me to go to the shop and get it…not in my book.

Verdict – amazing! My dad (the trooper), despite his aversion to any vegetable, had one, as did my mom (they’re not banting friendly by any means!). Our Canadian family were well impressed too. Well done Thomas. I just think some sour cream would have really made it…


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  1. Kathy Clare says:

    I must say that sour cream and fried onions are essential!! Haha! Good job Tom


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